Step into the extraordinary life of Tyler Perry as Prime Video releases the official trailer for the upcoming documentary, “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story.

About The Documentary:

Explore the multifaceted world of writer, actor, filmmaker, and media titan, Tyler Perry, as “Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story” pays homage to his mother’s love.

This intimate portrait delves into Perry’s transformative journey, healing childhood trauma by turning pain into promise.

Directors Gelila Bekele and Armani Ortiz provide unfettered access, offering a tender narrative of Perry’s ascent to the top of an industry that didn’t always welcome him.

As he embraces fatherhood and media mogul status, Perry’s story unfolds as a profound lesson on remembering one’s roots to chart an inspiring path forward.

Release Date:

Don’t miss the premiere on November 17, 2023, exclusively on Prime Video.

Watch The Trailer:

Catch a glimpse of the heartfelt narrative in the official trailer below.

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