The Choice Is Yours Key Art Dres Blacks Sheep Paramount+

Paramount+ has just dropped the official trailer for the highly anticipated documentary, “The Choice Is Yours,” directed and edited by the talented Clark Slater.

About The Film:

Step into the compelling story of Andres “Dres” Vargas-Titus, a pivotal figure in the legendary 90s hip-hop duo Black Sheep, with “The Choice Is Yours.”

Directed by Clark Slater, the documentary chronicles Dres’ remarkable journey from the pinnacle of the music industry to navigating civilian life and facing his last shot at success.

Along the way, he encounters Maureen Yancey, aka Ma Dukes, mother to music icon J Dilla, who presents him with a hard drive of unreleased beats from Dilla himself, challenging Dres to create the next great Dilla record.

As Dres unravels the untold chapters of his story, meeting with artists, celebrities, music executives, and journalists to understand the enigma of J Dilla, he discovers that not everyone is thrilled about him being bestowed with these beats.

The ensuing controversy not only jeopardizes the album’s release but also puts Dres’ legacy on the line.

Hip-Hop gives us the opportunity to blow up. It also gives us the opportunity to implode,” reflects Dres. “As we strive to live up to our character, in the mirror we see the champion and challenger knowing the choice is yours.”

Release Date:

Save the date for November 21, 2023, exclusively on Paramount+, as “The Choice Is Yours” unveils a gripping narrative that dives deep into the heart of hip-hop history.

Watch The Trailer:

Prepare for an inside look into the struggles, triumphs, and the power of choice in the world of music.

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